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The Author

I'm currently for hire! Here is my resume and feel free to shoot me an email here

My name is Violet, and here are some fun facts about me:

  • I know multiple programming languages!
  • I taught myself how to read cyrillic, hangeul, katakana, hiragana, and perso-arabic
  • I can read international phonetic alphabet
  • I can also read laundry symbols
  • I got up to just below conversational french in like a month for a highschool thing
  • I can sail a dinghy
  • I'm familiar with muay thai, kung fu, tae kwan do, capoeira, fencing, and am now doing archery
  • I did folk dance regularly for 2 years pre-2021
  • I designed and built a bookshelf for my sister
  • I can wrap a gift without using any tape
  • In college I ran a student campaign to be elected to my own name and lost to my close friend
  • I can do the cool chalk dotted line trick
  • I have my calligraphy on a couple different local organization's social media
  • I also do various print techniques (mostly gelli transfer and collography)
  • I do chinese water color
  • I can do the fun chef thing where you julienne stuff really fine
  • I have bound my own notebooks, sharpened my own knives, and sewn my own clothing

How I Intend to Use This Blog

This blog will serve as something between documentation and a scratch space. I intend to share projects as I work on them and will often compose blog posts as I work in order to help organize my thoughts and lay out plans of action. The more information dense posts on here are living documents that I will occasionally revise as I learn more about their subject. Rarely will there be a post written after the fact meant to clearly show off a project.

This is less of a portfolio and more of a manicured sketchbook. That said in the future I may add a section meant to be more portfolio like.